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Easy Monthly Payment

We make managing your payments easier with pay-by-the-month options.

Income Protection

We make sure that our members are covered for the loss of income while their cars are being repaired.

24 Hour Assistance

Ride Assurance provides 24 hour road side assistance. You can avail it by calling at 03 9988 6115

Ride Assurance

Our commitment to provides the best commercial vehicle cover services is evident in our process. With the values of mutual trust and professionalism, we endeavour to offer our services that ensure that all the members leverage equal benefits. Ride Assurance provides the most comprehensive solutions for your Commercial Passenger vehicle.

Our best price, always

We don’t offer discounts that you’ll end up paying for later. Just honest pricing everytimes.

Industry experience

We bring to table a team of professionals with vast experience in the industry to assist you at every step.
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Choose the car cover that's right for you

We all know car cover is important. But for most people it’s not something you want to spend lots of time or money on. At Ride Assurance we offer cheap car cover that’s straightforward, and affordable. We offer Comprehensive Car Cover and Third Party Car Cover. Comprehensive covers you for accidental loss or damage to your own car caused by insured events such as accidents, theft, storms, fire. Third Party covers you for your legal liability arising from accidental damage caused to other people’s cars and property by the use of your car.

Comprehensive Cover

Covers you for damage to your car, as well as to other people’s vehicles and property caused by the use of your car. This is our highest level of cover.
Other Options

Third Party Cover

Third Party cover only covers damage to other people’s cars and property when caused by the use of your car. (Your car isn’t covered.)

Why Choose Ride Assurance?

We provide outstanding value on your point to point transportation cover, personalised services when you are in need. We have been in the industry for years – that is why we understand the industry and the requirements of the same.

Low Membership Fees

As our customers told us they saved an extensive amount of money due to our flexible premium service.

Quick Response

Our claim processing team is fully trained to handle your case swiftly and within a short time frame.

Customised Cover

Our staff can customise your point to point transportation by understanding your business and & your requirements.

Expert in P to P Cover

We have been in the industry for more than 30 years, therefore we understand the point to point transportation cover and you can be confident in our advice.

Partner Repairers

We have partner repairers who can assist you as priority with less paperwork.

Vehicle Towing

We will cover for towing to repairer or safe place *. Ask the Ride Assurance team for more information.

Service Delivery

We, at Ride Assurance, committed to providing superior commercial passenger vehicle repair & coverage related services. Gain protection and relax as our services match with the best in the industry.

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